How does a 24-hour podcast work?

We will be going live across multiple social media channels with amazing guests popping in throughout the stream. Some will be familiar faces that you know, but some will be new.

Plus… some will be some BIG NAMES, so stay tuned to find out who is getting involved. Conversation will be as raw, free-flowing and epic as usual, but we will also be able to take questions ahead of time that we can answer on the stream.

Watch the Stream on:

Want to be a guest on the 24-hour podcast?

We are taking submissions for guests for the special show – we will be booking them in on hourly slots, so that you can suit your timezone.

There will be up to 6 people at a time on stream! The idea is that we will be trying to raise as much money as possible for charity, so if you want to support in some way, please get in touch!

Get involved