About Tatiana Keay

Tatiana has always been interested in nutrition and health, and especially likes to focus on gut health. She became a licensed dietician and now has a range of clients that she helps to keep healthy and also confident in this world of social media. 

Tatiana has also kindly gifted readers a sample chapter from her latest book – Hungry for Truth, where she uncovers more myths in the nutrition world. Definitely reach out to Tatiana to get more dieting advice from a legitimate registered dietician.

In This Episode...

Did you know that 65% of the population is lactose intolerant? Tatiana dropped this absolute bomb in this episode! It’s crazy to think how many people are suffering without even much out there to help with the condition.

Did you also know there’s so much fake meat out there (and not just for vegans) and it is NOT good for your body! So many “specialist” stores may not actually be good at all.

Tatiana discusses how to stay sane on social media with all the “perfect” people giving their diet tips and spreading misinformation. Instead she says to follow what your body says and do what has felt good in the past.

Learning that your mind and body are connected and how you can turn this to your advantage is a huge win for entrepreneurs listening to this episode.