About Alyson Lex

Alyson Lex is proudly known as a “crazy cat lady” who loves to write, and help others write well too!

She helps business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses through powerful sales copy, product creation and marketing consulting.

She is also now a public speaker and motivates others to pursue their business dreams.

In This Episode...

Alyson Lex is not just a words girl. She will indeed help you to write better copy, especially when it comes to sales, and she’s full of amazing tips in this episode!

However, she really dropped some truth bombs when it came to courses. Everyone and their dog seems to be running their own courses at the moment, as a way of generating “passive income”.

Alyson opens up the reality of what it’s like to run your own course and how much you have to hustle just to sell a few spots. It’s absolutely not worth it unless it’s done right.

So, this is what this episode will bring you – amazing tips on how you can create your own killer course.