About Jenn Junod

Jenn runs her own podcast called Sh!t you don’t want to talk about, as she believes that even though people don’t want to talk about these difficult issues, it’s important to talk through them.

Her aim has always been to inspire others and help those who have been through a tough time too.

She’s an avid developer, creating events to connect other developers in a community and spread positive vibes.

In This Episode...

Jenn Junod has been through it all, and she’s still standing… and standing tall. Despite everything, she shows incredible resilience and this episode is all about that.

In this world, many people are taught not to take no for an answer. While in some situations, this may be a great trait to have, it’s not when it comes to sexual assault. How we can stop situations like this happening is a topic of debate in this episode.

Gaslighting and narcissists – what is the best way to deal with them? When running your own business, you are bound to face them, and Jenn has some incredible tips for you.

She also shares some amazing advice on how to calm your anxiety in those difficult times.