About Dr. Anissa Reilly

A self-proclaimed God-Girl, Dr. Anissa Reilly is a real-life survivor having experienced a myriad of traumatic events while living and working in the Bronx, NY. In spite of suffering from Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from issues like rape, molestation, a victim of attempted murder, and domestic violence, Dr. Reilly is a success story as the loving wife of Gordon Reilly Jr, mother to 4 wonderful children and for almost three decades, has held the position of school educator, leader and entrepreneur.

She also has her own show – the Ask Dr. Reilly Show.

In This Episode...

Such a powerful episode where Dr. Anissa Reilly digs deep into dealing with trauma and what it really is. Many people are dealing with trauma and are not even recognising that it exists or are going through it with the wrong people around them, which is detrimental.

PTSD is covered and many people think that this usually relates to war veterans, but it can be with any form of trauma and the effects can be severe.

Dr. Anissa Reilly expresses the importance of finding your “ride or die” when going through traums – someone who will always be there for you no matter what.

This is so applicable to entrepreneurs who are just ploughing through their business without thinking about their own health. She also brings up resilience and how to deal with rejection, which is so prevalent to business owners all over the world.