About Terry Tucker

Terry Tucker was a SWAT negotiator who has seen some crazy things in his time! Sadly, he had a rare form of cancer that caused him to have his leg amputated and so he’s no longer in the force. However, Terry has decided to use his experiences to inspire many other people and wrote a book called Sustainable Excellence.

He now runs a company called Motivational Check, where he is a motivational speaker, teaching people the power of mindset, motivation and self-development.

In This Episode...

Terry Tucker brings some absolutely fascinating stories to the table. You will be on the edge of your seat waiting to hear if hostages get free or not!

He even brings an incredible lesson about how we can all resilience from rats! It totally puts us to shame.

Terry educates us on how we can listen to understand v listen to respond. This is a key technique used in his job and we can apply this in business too.

Once again, the issue of trust comes up, as well as staying safe on social media. Terry has a really refreshing way of dealing with hurtful comments on social media that is important for anyone using it to know.