About Julian Hayes II

Julian Hayes II actually started off at medical school, pursuing his dream of becoming an ophthalmologist. Instead, after one year, he had some chance encounters in New York which led him on a completely different path.

He became an executive health consultant and now works with high performing athletes and HNW individuals to help them create executive plans and run their bodies like a business!

Julian is also a published writer with over 300+ articles in high profile publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc.

In This Episode...

An absolutely fascinating episode for anyone who is an entrepreneur with big goals. Julian Hayes II discusses what techniques and traits the most successful entrepreneurs have and how we can all learn to improve our performance.

Work/life balance is a huge topic in this episode with discussions on what that means to you. It’s not the same for everyone and nor should it be.

Mental wellbeing is also a big topic that’s covered, where Julian uses a great analogy to compare our brain to a phone battery – when it’s drained, we need to charge it up!

Due to his background in medicine and nutrition, Julian gives some dieting tips and advice on how we need to accept our psychology when it comes to diets.