About Liana Fricker

Liana Fricker is the Inspirer-in-Chief at the Inspiration Space, where she helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses and achieve goals together. Coming from a brand and strategy background, Liana has naturally leant towards the creative industry.

However, her role at Inspiration Space is now very different – she aims to help businesses turn dreams into reality by providing them a safe space to be creative, get inspired and grow.

She now runs an incredible entrepreneurial community where you can get support from the network or even 1:1 coaching.

In This Episode...

In this powerful episode, Liana walks us through her journey – growing up in America and coming over to the UK, where she now has a different outlook on life being in her mixed racial family.

This has led her down a different path to what she expected, but it also makes her continually reflect on how she’s showing up in life and who she has around her and what vibes she is soaking up.

She explains how education spaces can be a killer of hopes and dreams and what led her to create The Inspiration Space where entrepreneurs can thrive and what this means for business owners everywhere.