About Katie Chonocas

KYRIAKI aka Katie Elizabeth Chonacas is a Greek American actor working in the entertainment industry for two decades. Katie is a multi-disciplinary artist who utilises her voice to inspire change and transformation in people who want to make an impact on the world.

She has recently pivoted her artistic craft to NFTs and released the FIRST actor headshot on the blockchain and minted her popular podcast, She’s All Over the Place as NFTs!

In This Episode...

As a Hollywood actress, you will have seen your fair share of glitz and glamour, but also definitely a lot of rejection.

Katie explains what it’s really like in Hollywood – how there’s actually a “system” and you can be successful if you work the system. But this can be an absolute drain and people tire themselves out and experience burnout.

To avoid this, Katie “checks in at her 80”. She explains that when she feels like she’s used up about 80% of her mental power, she decides that she’s going to give her body a rest and recharge. This allows her not to burnout.

Katie explains that she’s now pivoted into the world of NFTs and is helping to coach those who want to get into this world!