About Johnathan McFarlane

Johnathan McFarlane is the Director of Strategy at Hybrid Marketing Co – the world’s largest cannabis-focused marketing strategy agency.

They work mainly with brands in the cannabis space, which is legal in Colorado. Therefore, they are in an extremely niche industry, as it’s not even legal in all of their own country, let alone the rest of the world.

Therefore, being able to see unique opportunites in this small world, is something that Johnathan prides himself in.

In This Episode...

Hear all about how “normal” cannabis is in Colorado – many people don’t drink alcohol, but instead they smoke weed. In fact, Johnathan’s mum now even smokes weed!

Johnathan believes that cannabis can actually be a force for good in the world if handled correctly, as he’s been working with lots of legitimate cannabis companies who are encouraging sensible and medicinal use.

If you’re in a super niche industry and want to learn about how to mark your brand, or perhaps you have a product/service which isn’t “normal” and you need to help educate people so that they are interested in it, then this episode is for you.