About Shoaib Ahmed

Shoaib Ahmed is the founder of a personal branding agency called Yellow Hippo. At just 23 years old, he’s only recently graduated from university and decided to start his own business instead of getting a graduate job.

He’s already built up a huge following on LinkedIn and has run the personal brand for several influential people and has a ton of case studies to show how to grow personal brands with the use of powerful storytelling and authenticity.

In This Episode...

Personal branding is a controversial topic and is only one that’s started to be talked about in the last few years. There is speculation about whether personal branding is even a thing and why it should be a service at all.

At the tender age of 23, Shoaib explains how people are hesitant from using his services as he’s so young, but he explains how young entrepreneurs can prove themselves in business.

Shoaib gives incredible advice on how to create powerful content that performs well on Linkedin, generate trust with the audience and his key tips for creating a successful personal brand online.